Getting Started

Bringing the Sport of Horseshoes to Youth across America!

The traditional methods of inserting youth into adult sports and recreation programs are meet with limited success, at best, and more typically end up disenfranchising children from a sport altogether.  Youth sports programs must be developed and organized to ensure and enhance the emotional, physical, social, and educational well-being of children.

The Horseshoe America Youth ProgramHorseshoe cheer is designed to help impassioned adults set up and run successfully organized youth horseshoe pitching clinic, league, and tournaments.  Before any horseshoes are pitched, however, diligent effort should be spent in the set up phase to ensure the best possible outcome of success.  Poor preparation is a recipe for failure.  Good planning and preparation will result in a positive experience for youth and adult leaders alike.

The “Organizational Helps” listed in the side menu will guide you through all the various logistical components of setting up a Youth horseshoe pitching organization.  “The Program” provides an overview of the executed program, which all this setting up builds to.  Descriptions and explanations of the skills and techniques associated with the sport, including specific drills that are key components of the program, are found in the Coaches Corner.

Now let’s get the planning and organizing started!