Coaches Corner

Youth League coachingCoaches should be enthusiastic about youth and good mentors.  The Coaches Corner is set up to provide assistance to coaches whether they have years of horseshoe pitching experience or are relatively new to horseshoes.  Many experienced horseshoe pitchers find the information here informative and helpful, many of the drills are new even to them.  You can use the links provided on the right under “Coaching Helps” or those on The Program page to access the tips and helps for drills techniques and other general helpful information about horseshoes and this program.

Coaches should plan each day’s activities ensuring that the session time is productive and fun.  Coaches (or the Director) should arrive early to teach session to ensure all the material and facilities needed for that day are prepared.  Non-session preparation time will be needed in some cases to prepare for drills and tournaments.

Generally, there should be one coach (or assistants) to about every 6 or 7 youth participants.  This ratio allows for hands-on teaching and is small enough that one-one problem solving can be achieved.  When running drills a coach should be at each station as youth rotate through the stations.

The Horseshoe America forum provides a section for youth programs and is a good place for coaches who have questions, ideas, or just want to interact with other youth coaches and horseshoe pitchers from across America.