Short and Sweet

You want to give exposure but not overdo it.  Traditional adult leagues tend to burn most kids out as they last months and months.  Youth are different than adults, so too should be their program.  The exposure is enough to pique interest, and give training sufficient, so that youth are equipped to succeed in a local tournament or NHPA event if they choose to afterward.

Kids and their parents will be more committed with a shorter time frame as it leaves the remainder of summer open for other family activities like summer road trips, reunions, camping, etc..

calendarA shorter program also allows for recruiting more volunteers that are more willing to help out, including local adult horseshoe pitchers and parents.  Most people do not have a whole summer to commit to volunteer and are hesitant to sign on for long stretches.  A couple times a week for a few weeks is manageable for most.

  • The Program is designed to be run optimally for 3 short weeks.  An extended plan may be followed in certain cases but should never exceed 6 weeks.
  • Keep it short = Keep it sweet