Key People

Alright, you have decided that the kids in your community could benefit from having a Youth Horseshoe Pitching club and league.  Now it is time to recruit a few others in your community who have the same passion for youth that you do.  If you happen to have any experienced horseshoe pitchers in your community, they are prime candidates to approach to help, and you’ll find that most are very willing .  You can find NHPA horseshoe pitchers through their charter contacts; the Elks, Lions, and Moose social/service organizations often play horseshoes, as do Knights of Columbus (in Canada try Horseshoe Canada Association).  If, however, there are no organizations pitching currently in your community, Horseshoe America provides all the resources you will need to form a successful and fun youth league!

Key People

1- Director

The Director is the most critical position as this person is responsible for all organization aspects of the Youth League.  This individual should have good organizational skills.  Organized horseshoe pitching experience is desirable, but is not required for a successful league.   This could be a Parks & Rec. employee or anyone in your community passionate about youth and sports.

• Be positive be fun
• Coordinate with community Parks & Rec. Department.
• Organizes set up of courts (Facilities)
• Oversees outreach efforts (Promotion)
• Organizes fundraising (Sponsorships)
• Organizes orientation for coaches
• Responsible for planning the season schedule/activities/events
• Purchases supplies and equipment
• Takes registrations and sets up teams and/or divisions
• Manages finances
• Organizes Sponsor Tournament and Awards
• Coordinates with area NHPA for Junior Tournament and Awards

As you can see, the Director has many important duties. If more adult volunteers are available (parents), it would be wise to form a multi-person board. The Director will then delegate and coordinate many of these duties to the board members.

2- Coaches

Now that you have a Director and/or Board to handle the organizational logistics the next key individuals are the Coaches. Coaches should have a positive uplifting attitude about youth and be someone that can get along with kids while also being respected by them. Organized horseshoe pitching experience is highly desirable, but is not ultimately required for a successful league. This could be anyone in your community passionate about youth and sports.

ResponsibilitiesPicture 023
• Be positive be fun
• Attend preseason orientation
• Follow the season schedule
• Provide program training guidance to kids
• Recognize kids for their efforts and accomplishments
• Assign kids (parents) to bring session treats/drinks
• Assist in Junior Tournament (organizing, score keeping,..)
• Assist the Director as asked – in any director responsibility
• Continually promote a positive and fun atmosphere

3- Parents

Parents want nothing more than the bests for their children, as such, parents will be the core group of volunteers to help run a successful youth program. Like the youth, if a parent feels like their contribution is desired and valued, they will be more willing to participate. Ask parents to be part of the organization no matter how small the role. They can serve anywhere from Director on down to score keeping or coordinating who brings treats.

ResponsibilitiesPicture 001
• Bring kids to league sessions
• Bring session treats as assigned
• Encourage at home practice
• Volunteer to assist the Coaches and Director
• Cheer for their kids
• Join in and have fun!

4- Kids

Your youth league must have youth!  A wholesome sport like horseshoes can help create healthy, well-adjusted kids. Organized sports are associated with general health and self-esteem benefits, healthy weight, popularity, quality of life, and educational achievement. Kids and parents alike desire these qualities in life. Horseshoes produces top-class hand-eye muscle-mind coordination and provides safe moderate non-impact competitions and exercise . Kids can pick up the game quickly. Social interaction with peers plus a well-organized uplifting plan creates a fun and fulfilling environment. (see: Attracting Kids (and Parents) tips page)

• Have Fun
• Learn new skills
• Have Fun
• Bring a friend
• Have Fun
• Master a Lifetime sport