A Dose of FUN

The top reason Youth participate in youth IMG_5464 (2)sports programs is because they are fun programs. Parents will support their kids if they are happy and having fun.  Volunteers will help out and be more committed if the program is fun and enjoyable.  The bottom line is F-U-N.

Pitching horseshoe tends to be a game that is personally challenging and of a repetitive nature .  For the experienced individual, the goal to improve one’s performance is a strong motivation factor that can keep them enjoying hours pitching each day for many years of their lives.  However, youth, especially younger kids and those brand new to the sport, tend to find hours of repetitive pitching a monotonous experience.  Just handing a pair of horseshoes to kid and sending them out on the courts without careful and motivational instruction could turn them against the sport before they have ever really given it the chance to challenge and invigorate them.

Every session of the Horseshoe America Program has at least one added dose of fun.  Some simply provide an upbeat and positive atmosphere, others are integral to the training of the youth.  Examples include:  Popular Music, Session Treats, Horseshoe Painting Contest, Water balloon drills (and the occasional water fight), BBQ, unique league shirts, prize wheel, ringer treats, lawn games, after-tournament party, etc…

waterballonpitchIf your facilities have a limited number of courts, and you have more participants than the capacity, there must always be other activities that non-pitching kids can participate in so they don’t become idle or bored as they await an open court.  These can be training oriented activities that improve their skill.  Perhaps they can assist the coach in guiding less experienced youth.  As many community tournaments pay scorekeepers a nominal rate per game kept, they might practice score keeping so they can keep score at a tournament later.