It is the Coach’s duty to instill the spirit of good sportsmanshipHandshake

in the youth participants.  Sportsmanship is an integral component of all youth sports and can be a major building block in the child’s personal development. Your role as coach will become one of mentor as you inspire your youth participants to stay positive when they lose a game or play poorly and to be gracious winners when they come away victorious.   Be sure you clearly communicate to the youth your expectations for their behavior in both victory and defeat.  You will find that kids will often overcome challenges they have had with sportsmanship to try to please you and your high expectations of them.

The nature of horseshoe pitching is such that competitors commonly offer pointers for greater success to each other, even while competing on the courts.  It has been said that horseshoes is one of the games that begins and ends with a handshake.

When everyone is trying their best to be good sports, everyone will be having even more fun.