A sport without rules is no sport at all, it is an exercise in athletic chaos.  It is important to teach the youth the rules of Horseshoe Pitching so that they can more fully enjoy the game.  The rules provided by the NHPA are very thorough, if not exhaustive.  As the coach, it would be a good idea to read the playing rules to ensure you are familiar with them.  For the youth participants, that level of detail is too much to take in at once.  As a coach it is your duty to impart the key rules that they need to know to maintain safety, order, and fun on the horseshoe courts.  The topics of Scoring, Judging, and Etiquette will get the youth off to a good start and able to pitch and enjoy the competition.

You will find that opportunities will arise throughout the league to further instruct the youth in additional rules.  This hands-on method of teaching requires the coach to know the rules well, but it is the best method for the youth to learn and remember the rules.