Live Drills

During week 2 of the clinic the drills learned in week 1 will continue to be used each day.  The difference is that the drills are now Live and will be carried out on the horseshoe courts with horseshoes.  You will notice that now with a horseshoes in hand the kids may struggle to focus on the fundamental task of the drills.  If needed, remove the horseshoes and use only water balloons on the courts at first.  Once you are satisfied they are again focused on the mechanics of the drill, bring back the horseshoes.

If you have sufficient courts, it is effective to break the youth up into small groups of 4-6 each and set up a rotation where they move between court stations to practice the drills (The Swing, The Step, The Release, The Height, The Distance).  Remind the youth that making ringers is not critical for success in these drills.  Proper execution of the drills will result in more ringers during competition later in the week and in the following week.