Court Maintenance

Just as with any sport, the courtshovelsplaying field (courts) needs care and maintenance to remain in prime playing condition.  Demonstrate to the youth how to properly care for the courts.

1- If the pit is covered, remove and properly store the cover.
2- If the pit material is dry, add enough water that that it becomes workable.  Typically water should be added an hour or more ahead of pitching time to ensure the playing area is not muddy and sloppy.
3- With a shovel, turn the pit material to create a level and smooth landing for the horseshoes.
4- Broom off any dirt from the pitching platforms.
5- Paint the stakes.  White is usually used, but it is Fun for the kids if you paint them bright neon colors.
6- When pitching is over for the day, cover the pits and put away all tools.

Courts should be maintained between each game; adding water if needed, turning the pit material, and re-painting the stakes.  As part of the training, have each kid prepare a court for pitching on.  Once this lesson is complete, the youth should prepare the courts each day for the remainder of the league.