Horseshoe America

Welcome to Horseshoe America!

Horseshoe America is a Youth athletic/recreation program designed specifically to introduce today’s Youth to the sport of Horseshoe Pitching in an incredibly Fun and personally Fulfilling way.  The intended audience of this website are city parks and rec departments, community youth sports committees, existing horseshoe pitching clubs, or anyone who is looking for an alternative sport for their youth to participate in.

The program is designed to introduce youth to Horseshoes as an organized sport.  The fundamentals are presented and reinforced through fun-filled training sessions during an introductory clinic.  Youth are presented with opportunities to participate in Singles, Doubles, and Team versions of horseshoes including competitive tournaments and a short league.

Once completed, youth will be equally equipped to compete in larger tournaments as they are to steal the show at this year’s family reunion.

Fun – Friends – Fundamentals

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Horseshoe Pitching has been an American pastime since at least the American Revolution when the British Duke of Wellington lamented, “the war was won by the pitchers of horse hardware.”  The Horseshoe America youth program is the perfect way to help today’s youth “unplug” and head outside for enjoyable sport and recreation with friends. To learn more about the positive benefits of Horseshoes, and this program, on youth, visit “Why Horseshoes?